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Web mail
Email is available via a simple webmail client. Using Squirrelmail, your email is avalable to you from any computer conntected to the internet.

Here is a link to Squirrel Mail:

TMDA is an auto whitelisting feature that forces people to verify their email address prior to being able to send you an email. Prior to using this feature, you must contact MIS to setup your account.

Server settings
Email Server:

Your Email client need to connect on ports 25, 587 or 2525 to send email. Whenever possible, use port 2525 to send email. This is an advanced settings, which will help work around some Internet providers who block port 25 for SPAM purposes.

Server will require you to provide your account login information to both send and receive email.

The account login information is provided to you by MIS.

Email address is the first name IE:

Server support IMAP and POP3

Setting up Thunderbird
To configure incoming IMAP service
  1. Install the latest version of Thunderbird from
  2. Thunderbird > Tools > Account Settings > Add Account > Email account > Next
  3. Your Name: What you want to appear in the from field
  4. Email Address: The actual email address. IE:
  5. Incoming server: uses IMAP, so choose IMAP on the radio button. Server name: then Next
  6. Incoming user name: XXXX (First initial, full last name) then Next
  7. Account name: How it is to appear locally.
  8. Next and Finish
  9. Right click the new account in Folders and left click Get messages. Enter the password that you created or was created by the Administrator. The folders and new messages will be brought in automatically.
To configure outgoing SMTP service
  1. Thunderbird > Tools > Account Settings > Outgoing Server > Default > [ Edit ]
  2. Server name:
  3. Change the default port from 25 to 2525.
  4. Put a check in the check box for "Use name and password"
  5. Click [ OK ] and provide account information as prompted.