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Design & Branding

For almost 30 years the Prolific team has created and designed original cutting-edge products which have been successful throughout the world. Prolific helps our clients to bring products from idea to reality.

Our designers, engineers, and artists work together to identify a product's entire life, and lay the groundwork for complete product integration, including hardware and software, user interface, web and e-commerce, print and commercial development, and support.

Prolific's dedication to quality, speed, and ability to position your brand and message has earned us the trust of Disney, Time Warner, Boeing, Microsoft, Bally, Mattel, and many many others.

Production & Development

Our process of concurrent multidisciplinary production is specifically tailored to the business needs of our clients, bringing the best experiences and know-how from each industry.

Prolific has developed a custom application/service that we share with the client to ensure complete accountability. Years of production, development, and QA has enabled us to hone our skills and processes, allowing us to achieve unprecedented ROI and time to market.

Our clients gain the benefit of our experiences in a very diverse array of industries including aerospace, gaming (slots), e-commerce, entertainment, OEM, industrial, consumer, and hardware development.

Publishing & Distribution

We understand the challenges businesses face, because in addition to making your ideas reality, we also develop and bring to market our own original and award winning products.

Across the gamut Prolific has been met with success, topping the international music charts, award winning video game franchises, and being at the forefront of the electronic publishing arena.

Prolific developed one of the first successful websites, and currently Prolific's e-stores receive over 1 million hits per month, and obtain an extraordinary eyes-to-purchase ratio.